The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

Edward S. Buell, trustee to Gennetta Ross; Sec. 13, 3.904 acres. Fiduciary deed.

Brown Township

Ronald A. Singer to Brock Foor and Ashley Foor; Sec. 20, 1.029 acres. Warranty deed.

Carryall Township

Harry A. Seslar, trustee and Helen V. Seslar, trustee to Harry A. Seslar, trustee; Sec. 15, 3.25 acres. Exempt deed.

Latty Township

Kay Johns LE to Jonathan J. Sinn and Elias J. Sinn; Sec. 22, 10 acres; Sec. 22, 80.642 acres. Warranty deeds.

Cecil Village

Robert L. Shaffer to Robert L. Shaffer; Lot 7, Roseletts addition, 0.25 acre. Exempt deed.

Paulding Village

Marcella E. Mowery to Steven L. Bussing and Beverly M. Bussing; Lot 83 and Lot 84, Noneman Emerald Acres Allot #3, 0.3444 acre. Fiduciary deed.