The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Blue Creek Township

Deborah J. Plummer to Steven R. Plummer, trustee and Deborah J. Plummer, trustee; Sec. 1, 3 acres. Exempt deed.

Brown Township

Joseph A. Hunter and Ashley D. Hunter to Christine M. Schaffer; Sec. 5, 1.5 acres. Warranty deed.

Debra Ann Quatman to Smokey LLC.; Sec. 20, 0.1125 acre; Sec. 20, 0.1808 acre; Sec. 20, 0.4873 acre; Sec. 20, 0.3134 acre; Sec. 20, 0.3076 acre. Exempt deeds.

Crane Township

Steven C. Rumage to Steven C. Rumage and Melinda C. Rumage; Sec. 18, 5.623 acres, Exempt deed; Sec. 18, 1.207 acres. Exempt deeds.

Harrison Township

Jean M. Kuhn and Robert D. Kuhn to Jean M. Kuhn; Sec. 25, 3 acres. Easement money.

Antwerp Village

Jason L. Friend to CitiGroup Mortgage Loan and Trust; Sec. 33, 0.527 acre. Sheriff deed.

Payne Village

Randall C. McNamara and Linda S. McNamara to Tony A. Zartman and Angela M. Zartman; Payne Village, Lot 109, 0.1566 acre. Warranty deed.

Cheryl A. Matthews, trustee and Herbert A. Putman, trustee to Cheryl A. Matthews, trustee, et al.; Payne Village, Lot 17, 0.3168 acre. Executor deed.

Paulding Village

Jacqueline B. Walker to Micah A. Carr and Sannita G. Carr; Paulding Village, Lot 1, 0.2672 acre; Lot 2 and 3, Paulding Village, 0.2828 acre. Warranty deeds.

Grover Hill Village

Steven Plummer and Deborah Plummer to Steven Plummer, trustee and Deborah J. Plummer, trustee; Sec. 24, 0.2 acre. Exempt deed.

Carl Mosier to Wayne Trace Character Academy; Sec. 23, 0.1382 acre; Lot 57, Grover Hill Village, 0.0321 acre; Sec. 23, Grover Hill Village, 0.2242 acre, Warranty deed; Sec. 23, 0.2 acre. Warranty deeds.