Thursday, Jan. 2

5:14 a.m. A unwanted person was reported at West Perry Street. The resident called to have the person removed due to fighting.

3:00 p.m. Domestic violence was reported at North Cherry Street. Robert Lehman was arrested.

Monday, Jan. 6

3:50 p.m. An unwanted person was at Rite Aid. The unwanted person was there in violation of a restraining order against an employee.

6:19 p.m. A criminal complaint was reported at North Dix Street. A person was violating a restraining order by driving by the residence.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

7:00 p.m. An information report was reported at South Main Street. Someone reported possible stolen money card. The officer requested specific times and dates of usage to continue investigation.

2:55 p.m. A criminal report was reported at West Wayne Street. Three diamond rings were reported stolen from residence.