Thursday, April 1

9:47 a.m. A resident on West Perry Street reported that a male wearing all black was sitting on their neighbor’s car and appeared to be under the influence of something. The caller did not recognize this person and have not seen them at the neighbor’s residence prior. An officer arrived at the house on West Perry Street and questioned the person outside. They claimed they were waiting on their girlfriend to arrive home and was noticably under the influence of something. The officer advised the person to go home and come back later when their girlfriend was home.

Friday, April 2

1:09 p.m An officer was called to a residence on South Cherry Street in Paulding. It was reported that a Pontiac car backed into another vehicle that was parked on South Cherry Street. The vehicle then drove off resulting in a hit/skip. The caller provided a photo of the license plates from the Pontiac. The owner of the vehicle was not present and a note was left on the vehicle to contact Paulding Police Department.

Sunday, April 4

1:45 a.m. While patrolling, the on-duty officer witnessed a vehicle parked with lights on in front of a side garage door on North Williams Street. After the officer pulled into the location, the driver of the vehicle pulled away. The officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered the driver of the vehicle had a warrant for his arrest. When Officer Nathaniel Trausch attempted to arrest James Dunno, he took off running. The officer was able to locate him and arrested him on his active warrant as well as resisting arrest and possession of drugs.