Auglaize Township

Robert David Whitaker and Lorraine Marie Whitaker to Lorraine Marie Whitaker; Sec. 23, .643 acre. Exempt deeds.

Brian Saylor to Keith Gray; Sec. 20, .429 acre; Sec. 20, 1 acre. Warranty deeds.

Betty L. Jutte to Mycah N. Grandstaff and Leandryce M. Miller; Sec. 30, .234 acre. Surviorship deed.

Benton Township

Wallace M. McKinney, trustee and Paula D. McKinney, trustee to Boston Melcher; Sec. 4, 53.744 acres. Warranty deed.

Timothy J. Freiburger and Geri L. Freiburger to Michael L. Sturges and Jenna L. Sturges; Sec. 4, 5.531 acres. Warranty deed.

Timothy E. Wirts, trustee and Jenifer L. Wirts, trustee to Jenifer L. Wirts, trustee; Sec. 9, 1.170 acres; Sec.16, 38.380 acres. Affidavit.

Jack Lassiter and Lori Lassiter, et al to Lori Lassiter and Jack Lassiter; Sec. 8, 1.390 acres. Exempt deeds.

Craig M. Dobbelaere to Cheryl Halter; Sec. 20, .199 acre; Sec. 20, .197 acre; Sec. 20, .203 acre. Warranty deeds.

Tony O. Miller to Jay B. Hanenkratt and Charlene M. Hanenkratt; Sec. 29, .990 acre. Fiduciary deed.

Crane Township

Jack Lucan Starr to June Nine; Sec. 10, 3.779 acres. Warranty deed.

Dale L. Parrett, et al to Gale W. Jordan and Stephanie J. Jordan; Sec. 18, 6.424 acres. Warranty deed.

Harrison Township

Kimberly M. Pierce to Justin M. Pierce and Kylie R. Pierce; Sec. 30, 1.095 acres. Warranty deed.

Paulding Township

Noneman Family Farms, LLC to Kristin L. Noneman; Sec. 14, 14.480 acre. Exempt deed.

Eric L. Stoller and Beth Stoller to Eric L. Stoller and Beth Stoller; Sec. 23, 80 acres. Exempt deed.

Payne Village

Janet S. Evans, trustee to Dennis Recker and Monica Recker; Village of Payne Lot 6, .364 acre; Village of Payne Lot 5, .342 acre. Warranty deed.

Michael I. Wilhelm to Jorddan Childs; Village of Payne Lot 126, .181 acre; Village of Payne Lot 125, .181 acre; Village of Payne Lot 124, .181 acre. Warranty deeds.

Scott Village

State of Ohio to Paulding County Land Reutilization Corporation; Village of Scott Lot 17, .200 acre; Village of Scott Lot 15, .200 acre. Exempt deed.

Antwerp Village

Vernon R. Chambers to Disruptor Property Group, LLC; Village of Antwerp Lot 5, .242 acre. Warranty deed.

Chadwick R. Lawhorn to Timothy Mullins; Village of Antwerp Lot 61, .200 acre. Warranty deed.

Dennis R. Meyer and Lisa L. Meyer to Maycee Denning and Gabriel Denning; Village of Antwerp Sec. 27, .451 acre. Survivorship deed.

Grover Hill Village

Roger C. Eckart and Patiricia L. Eckart to James A. Wright; Village of Grover Hill Lot 16, .200 acre. Warranty deed.

Christina R. Hinchcliff to Alan R. Newsom Village of Grover Hill Lot 95, .200 acre; Village of Grover Hill Lot 98, .200 acre. Warranty deeds.

Paulding Village

Brian Alan Miller to Michael Reyes and Brandy Reyes; Village of Paulding Lot 22, .200 acre. Survivorship deed.

Ellen Louise Hankinson to US Bank Trust National Association Trustee of American Home; Village of Paulding Lot 2, .273 acre. Sheriff deed.

Kelly S. Tuttle to Misty D. Rison and Scott Earl Rison; Village of Paulding Lot 42, .212 acre. Warranty deed.

Rebecca S. McMillan and Richard A. Bennett to Antonio M. Gonzales, III and Amber Gonzales; Village of Paulding Lot 220, .091 acre. Warranty deed.