Effective immediately by approval of Paulding County Health Commissioner, Dr. Joseph M. Kuhn, D.O. and Paulding County Elected Officials, The Paulding County Courthouse will be closed to the general public. Paulding County Elected Officials are following every effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are advising all county residents, customers and vendors attempting to conduct business within the Courthouse offices, to please call the specific office or check the offices’ website to find out current office operations.

Auditor’s Office (419) 399- 8205

Clerk of Courts- (419) 399-8210

Treasurer’s Office- (419) 399- 8281

Recorder’s Office- (419) 399- 8275

Commissioners’ Office (419) 399-8215

Title Office- (419) 399- 8211

Some court hearings previously scheduled will continue to occur, although ONLY PLANTIFFS, DEFENDANTS, ATTORNEYS AND WITNESSES will be permitted to enter the courthouse.

The court staffs will still be available by phone at 419-399-8220 (Common Pleas General Division) and 419-399-8256 (Probate/Juvenile Court) and certain documents/information can be obtained through the court websites at pauldingcommonpleas.com and pauldingjuvenilecourt.com

If you wish to obtain a marriage license or a certified copy of a marriage certificate, please call Probate Court at 419-399-8256 to make arrangements prior to coming to the courthouse. Youth on diversion or probation should contact their diversion or probation officer prior to coming to the courthouse.

All Sheriff’s Sale currently scheduled will continue as previously ordered.

Please call Courthouse Security at (419) 399-8286 to make appointments for Conceal Carry licenses or renewals along with Sex Offender registration or verifications.

Paulding County Elected Officials will continue to follow updates and guidance of the Paulding County Health Department, Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.