Criminal Docket

Hannah E. Moreno, Edgerton, disorderly conduct; $100 fine, $200 costs, standard probation, complete all diversion requirements.

Hannah E. Moreno, Edgerton, resisting arrest; $250 fine, and two days in jail.

Hannah E. Moreno, Edgerton, obstructing; $250 fine and two days in jail.

Kandi M. Snyder, Melrose, domestic violence; case dismissed.

Caleb Rocha, Wauseon, possession of marijuana; $97 costs, case dismissed.

Caleb Rocha, Wauseon, drug paraphernalia; $100 fine, $97 costs.

Emily C. Banda, Toledo, possession of marijuana; $100 fine, $97 costs.

Emily C. Banda, Toledo, drug paraphernalia, $100 fine, $97 costs.

Traffic Docket

Jason Banks, Payne, reckless operation; $250 fine, $105 costs, complete DIP or serve three days in jail.

Jason L. Banks, Payne, left of center; case dismissed per State.

Carlos J. Tinoco, Crawfordsville, Ind., 94/65 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Garcia Efrain, Pasadena, Texas, 96/65 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Gloria J. Boye, Paulding, distracted driving; $100 fine.

Cameron G. Starr, Cecil, stop sign; $52 fine, $98 costs.

John M. Wojewuczki, Fort Wayne, 90/65 speed; $97 fine, $98 costs.

Tristin J. Lafountain, Wauseon, marked lanes; $122 fine, $98 costs.

Brooke R. Bockey, Spencerville, 68/55 speed; $35 fine, $95 costs.

Sylvia R. Thompson, Harper Woods, Mich., 81/65 speed; $45 fine, $95 costs.

Yahya Y. Yakot, San Antonio, Texas, failure to control; $70 fine, $100 costs

Kayana J. Greer, Terre Haute, Ind., 96/65 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Alliyah Campbell, Indianapolis, display plates; $70 fine.

Alliyah Campbell, Indianapolis, 87/65 speed; $45 fine, $95 costs.

Audrey L. Downey, Fort Worth Texas, 91/65 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Zachary A. Weaver, Defiance, 80/55 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Lindsey Ebaugh, Sherwood, 79/65 speed; $35 fine, $95 costs.

Tasha L. Reid, Indianapolis, 96/65 speed; $100 fine, $95 costs.

Kenyon I. Sears, Paulding, 82/65 speed; $45 fine, $95 costs.

Tony L. Stephey, Oakwood, 70/55 speed; $45 fine, $95 costs.

Victoria A. Mitchell, Las Vegas, 88/55 speed; $45 fine, $95 costs.