Civil Docket


Administrative Docket

In the estate of Joann L. Price, application to administer filed.

Marriage License

Steven Wilmer David Simmons, 31, Coventry, unemployed and Briana Christina Krill, 30, Paulding, stocker. Parents are Steve Chapman and Kelly Sue Jones; and Christopher James Krill and Kelly Ann Leatherman.

Sean Wayne Fife, 28, Oakwood, bartender and Stephanie Sue Yates, 28, Oakwood, unemployed. Parents are Gary Fife and Holly Bowers; and Teddy Yates and Valerie Fohner.

Kaleb John Cox, 29, Alexander, oil field and Kasi Lea Edwards, 25, Alexander, oil field. Parents are Stan Joseph Cox and Janette Faye Job; and Thomas Earl Edwards and Kellie Sue Kinkade.

Criminal Docket

Bryan K. Lynch, 28, Paulding, was in court on a motion to revoke community control sanctions. The sanctions were revoked and Lynch was sentenced to 136 days in prison. Lynch previously pleaded guilty to failure to appear (F4).

Craig Smith Jr., 40, Payne, pleaded guilty to two counts of non-support of dependents (F5). Sentencing was set for July 7.

Vincent C. Groh, 22, Grover Hill, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property (F5) and breaking and entering (F5).

Kyle W. Crase, 31, Defiance, pleaded guilty to non-support of dependents (F5). Sentencing was set for July 13.

Nicholas M. White, 35, Paulding, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of non-support of dependents (F5) and was in court for sentencing. He was sentenced to four years of community control sanctions with the following guidelines: serve 30 days in jail with credit for seven days served; obtain and maintain employment; seek work through Ohio Means Jobs or other methods deemed appropriate; make all child support payment; pay all child support arrearages; filed income tax returns; abstain from the consumption of drugs and alcohol; and submit to random substance testing.

Alexis Overly, 20, Paulding, pleaded guilty to burglary (F4). A dispositional hearing was set for July 7.