Civil Docket

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Norfolk, Va. vs. Arani L. Wentland, Hicksville. Money only.

In the matter of Dena M. Fitzgerald, Paulding and Dennis M. Fitzgerald, Paulding. Dissolution of marriage.

Angelita M. Halliwill, Paulding vs. Jeffrey L. Halliwill, Paulding. Divorce.

Christina M. Dolt, Oakwood vs. Blake S. Dolt, Oakwood. Divorce.

Civil Concluded

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, Texas vs. Rita L. Robinson, Paulding, unknown spouse if any of Rita L. Robinson, Paulding, Jennifer Ann Robinson, Paulding, unknown spouse if any of Jennifer Ann Robinson, Paulding County Treasurer, Paulding, Mariner Finance LLC, Columbus. Foreclosures. Sale confirmed and money distributed.

Heath Starr, Convoy, Angel Starr, Manitowoc, Wis. vs. Delena Starr, Oakwood, Monica Lenley, Defiance. Complaint for constructive trust. Case dismissed.

Jean M. Kuhn, Payne vs. Robert D. Kuhn, Payne, Paulding County Treasurer, Paulding. Complaint to sell real estate, case dismissed.

William Lengerich, Fort Wayne vs. Scott Keeran, Paulding, Heather Keeran, Paulding. Cancellation of land contract. Contract cancelled. Plaintiff awarded $4,527.50 plus interest.

Ken Tenwalde, Defiance. Petition for certificate of title. Request denied.

Tyler E. See, Defiance vs. Ashley M. See, Paulding. Divorce granted.

Kasey L. Helms, Payne vs. Casey R. Helms, Oakwood. Divorce. Case dismissed.

In the matter of Megan R. Coughlin, Latty and Eathon K. Coughlin, Paulding. Dissolution of marriage granted.

Marriage License


Administrative Docket


Criminal Docket

Lloyd G. Shelton, 57, Marion, had his request for judicial release denied. Shelton is currently serving time for three counts of drug trafficking, all third degree felonies.

Charles J. Thompson, 27, Paulding, has his charges for disrupting public services (F5), domestic violence (M4) and criminal damaging (M2) dismissed by the State.