Clockwise from top left: Cobrahead garden tool; pollinator hotel from Rural King; glass greenhouse ornament from Bronner’s; shiitake mushroom kit.
Clockwise from top left: Cobrahead garden tool; pollinator hotel from Rural King; glass greenhouse ornament from Bronner’s; shiitake mushroom kit.
Last week, I gave you some book gift ideas for those of you who are gardeners or who know some. Now I’ll share some creative ideas of a different sort. You won’t find pruners or gloves on this list, even though those are almost always welcome under the tree.

My first suggestion actually goes on the tree. If you do an online Google search for “garden Christmas ornaments,” you’ll find there’s no shortage of garden-themed ornaments. Hallmark has two that are designed by Marjolein Bastin. One is a bird bath, with blue jays ($18) and the other has a pair of garden boots filled with flowers and a robin perched on top ($13).

Gardener’s Supply has a blown glass bee skep that’s lovely, as well as several birds, a blooming amaryllis, and a sunflower, for $17-30. Other online stores, such as Bronner’s, offer personalized garden-themed ornaments.

Speaking of bees, how about a pollinator hotel? These are available in several designs and sizes, but are basically a collection of small tubes that native bees use in the spring for raising their young. If you’re handy, you can make your own.

Crabtree & Evelyn has hand cream with shea butter and macadamia seed oil, along with cucumber and rosemary herbal extracts. Their Gardeners Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy cream comes in three sizes, from $9-35.

Mushroom lovers and cooks might like the opportunity to grow their own. Uncommon Goods has a Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit that lets them do just that, for $30. Oak and sweetgum logs have been inoculated with the mushroom spores and they can produce for up to three years.

Young and old gardeners alike enjoy terrariums and several companies offer DIY kits that include the plants to put in them. Uncommon Goods has a pretty one that has everything you need, although a bit pricey at $85. You could gather all the necessaries yourself to create a really personal gift for a lot less.

You might think your favorite gardener has all the tools, if they don’t have a Cobrahead tool, then their armamentarium isn’t complete. First marketed as a weeder, you’ll find all kinds of uses for this simple, yet innovative tool.

It’s available with a short handle, for when you’re down on your hands and knees, and a long-handle for use while standing upright. They recently came out with a Cobrahead mini that’s slightly smaller than the original design. Priced from $22-63 individually, and package deals are available.

These are just a few suggestions. For some unusual and often handcrafted gifts, check out Etsy sellers at I’ve been an Etsy buyer and seller for years and have yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve gotten there. It’s full of original ideas for not just gardeners, but any gift recipient on your list. Several of the sellers there are your friends and neighbors, in case you didn’t know!

I’m curious to know what is your favorite gift to give to a gardener. And what has been the best thing you’ve ever received? Shoot me an email and let me know. Maybe a gardener on my own list needs it.

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