PAULDING – Paulding Village Council hired a new village administrator at its regular meeting Monday, Nov. 16. Council also agreed to 2021 budget recommendations, including over $250,000 for street repairs and proceeding with a utility extension project.

Following a brief executive session, council unanimously approved promoting current street supervisor Jason Vance as new village administrator, effective Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Council also okayed promoting employee Brian Knapp to street supervisor.

Vance replaces Dale Goebel, who ended a two-year tenure as administrator on Nov. 13.

Mayor Greg White was pleased to hire from within. The mayor said Vance already knows the village and has worked for the village for many years.

Two more street/utilities workers will be hired.

Village officials are preparing for the 2021 budget. The finance committee met Nov. 9 and reviewed a “lengthy and detailed” agenda of discussion items presented by Finance Director Zoe McMaster. Councilman David Burtch read the committee report, which included 20 items.

The committee offered several recommendations for different funds, including:

• Moving cemetery expenses, such as mowing, currently paid by general fund to the cemetery fund.

• From the street fund, appropriate $60,000 for a mini excavator and $72,000 to pay for existing loans.

• Appropriate $65,000 for state highway repairs.

• Appropriate $250,000 from the permissive motor vehicle tax for street repairs.

• The police fund is severely underfunded; there’s not enough levy revenue to cover all wages. The committee recommends replacing the four continuing levies within the next three years to help alleviate the issue.

• The sewer operating fund is declining due to maintenance. The committee feels it’s safe to transfer $100,000 to the sewer capital improvement fund for extending utilities on Gasser Road to the industrial park property.

• Appropriate $57,000 from sewer capital improvements to the Gasser Road project.

• Burtch said if the village takes the income tax receipts currently set aside for capital improvements, debt reduction and add in next year’s projected receipts, they would have about $710,00 of the $693,000 needed for the Gasser Road project. He proposed using $533,000 from income tax receipts, plus the above-mentioned transfers, to cover that cost.

Burtch also said the committee held “a discussion regarding investment in the village in economic development and revitalization by raising our dues investment in PCED, CIC of Paulding and Community Revitalizing Paulding (CoRP). Several downtown properties have recently changed hands and two more are in the process. New owners are committed to refurbishing these buildings and making them habitable for new business. It is important that we invest in resources with these three organizations committed to revitalizing our downtown and creating economic opportunity to maintain the momentum.” No recommendation was offered at this time.

Council unanimously approved the finance committee report, which accepts the budget recommendations.

Councilman Randy Daeger thanked McMaster and Burtch for their work in preparing the report.

Councilwoman Lois Beamer reported the ordinance committee received two requests from Police Chief Randy Crawford. He asked for an ordinance that would allow removal of junk or stolen vehicles in any public parking areas.

Chief Crawford also asked if there’s a way to keep tenants from living on the ground floors of the nine-block area of downtown, from moving furnishings on the streets or loitering in streets. The committee is working on new language to revise Ordinance 1593-20, which was adopted in September. Cemetery board members Heather Miller and Jon Snodgrass requested having digital copies made of two old cemetery ledger books. The project would cost about $800. Funds will be appropriated for next year. Council asked the board to obtain a written price quote in the meantime.

McMaster reported to council that approximately $12,000 in coronavirus relief funds has net yet been encumbered. The deadline will be Friday.

Council discussed several options for using the money. Burtch saw another community gave its unused funds to some nonprofit groups whose fundraising efforts had been hurt by the pandemic. Village solicitor Harvey Hyman will check on the necessary process.

The mayor announced that he and several county officials attended a Zoom meeting with Governor DeWine.

White and EMA director Ed Bohn are to put together a coronavirus task force along with the school superintendents and hospital administrator.

Council suspended the rules to unanimously approve Ordinance 1602-20 to amend and increase current appropriations. This includes increases of $400 for the Coronavirus Relief Fund from interest on monies, and $1.313 million for sewer separation Phase 3 loan payments.

The first reading was heard of Resolution 1369-20 to amendment the zoning code establishing regulations on placing portable storage containers.

The second readings were heard on three proposed ordinances:

• Ordinance 1598-20 to make all parks within the village smoke, marijuana,

vape and alcohol-free.

• Ordinance 1599-20 to designate Emerald Road traffic speed at 35 mph.

• Ordinance 1600-20 to require property owners to notify the village of any

dead or dangerous trees within the right-of-way between sidewalks and streets, and to request permission to remove the tree.

The Paulding EMS report for October showed 64 calls and 60 patients with a year-to-date total of 549 calls 530 patients. The squad missed six calls due to lack of personnel.

Two committee meetings were scheduled: scheduled:

• Salary and allowance committee, 4:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 23.

• Building and grounds committee, 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 23.

In other business, council:

• Heard the strong winds toppled a light pole at the corner of Cherry and Perry streets on Sunday.

• Reminds residents that leaf pick-up will continue each Friday. Leaves must be placed in trash bags and set at the curb by 9 a.m.

The next regular council meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7. Watch via Zoom at 4451352151. The meeting ID number is 445 135 2151.