Progress Editor

PAYNE – The Village of Payne Council is now offering an alert system for all residents.

This system is offered to all residents in order to keep everyone informed of events such as, water shut-offs, special village events or any other significant events.

Mayor Wobler commented, “There is no charge for village residents to receive the alerts; the village covers the cost. You just need to include how you want to be notified and return the form.”

The notification system is call IRIS. After receiving a high volume of requests the village council voted and approved to invest in the service.

Council President, Austin Schiener, commented, “This new alert system comes at a very low cost to the village and will allow us to send out alerts regarding village services such as water, sewer, streets, ect directly to residents who enroll, reducing the time it takes to get urgent information out to village residents in situations, such as water main breaks, ect.”

The contract for this service cost the council approximately $500 and all expenses are covered.

The service allows for three phone numbers and two emails per household. The registration form is included in the water/sewer/refuse bill. The council asks that each resident return the form with payment.

If a resident would like use a phone number as a means to receive an alert voice message or texts are options.

Please contact the Village of Payne office with any questions 419-263-2514.