Paulding school board's June meeting was called to order by president James Foltz on June 26 at 7 p.m. Brian Egnor was absent. 

The board members voted on several important issues, the most notable of which was the implementation of the school's resource officer program.

Paulding Mayor, Greg Reinhart, was present as a guest to answer questions on how the Paulding police force would be utilized in this program. An officer will be placed at Oakwood elementary in addition to the officer on the Paulding campus.

In the event that Oakwood village's police force is unable to provide an officer, an officer will be sent from Paulding to cover the position. The officers will play a role in enforcing attendance and members of the board hope to utilize the officer in ways similar to the D.A.R.E program. 

Salary, benefits, training and uniform costs for these officers were all included in the final estimate. Foltz expressed hope that the state legislature would appropriate funds to aid in programs like this one. The board also added language to the resolution making it clear that the superintendent would have a voice in the hiring process. Members voted unanimously to approve all projected costs and the program moves on to the next stage.

The technology budget was also an important issue that came before the board, with a motion made ordering new computers, replacing smart boards and adding new security cameras.

The computers and included management software come in just short of $116,000. Student fees are rising to meet this cost, with a majority of fees at both elementaries rising by $5 and high school costs varying. The cost of school lunches has also increased, though these expenses are being raised for the first time since 2014.

The College Credit Plus program is also facing some changes. If a student fails a CCP class, they will be tasked to cover the full cost of taking the class. This revision comes with the added challenge of actually collecting the money from the individuals who fail the classes.

The board is also in the process of selling two school buses, passing a resolution to advertise the buses and receiving bids on them. The resolution also gave the Southwestern Ohio educational purchasing council power to advertise and receive bids on the board's behalf. The rest of the buses in the schools fleet have all passed their inspections with high marks, with state inspectors praising the staff as well as the vehicle upkeep.

Several Paulding athletes placed first in the Northwest Conference this past season and a few were present as guests at the meeting. The board offered their congratulations to the athletes on their outstanding performances.

Contracts were discussed, with several teachers resigning, being hired or simply re-upping their contracts

Resignations: Josh Early, MS intervention specialist; Carrie DiVencenzo, Paulding Elementary intervention specialist and Alicia Koester, 7th grade teacher .

A new contract for Dalton Bradford, high school math teacher.

One year limited extra-curricular contracts: Sandy Dobbeleare, junior class advisor; Beth Kelly, junior class advisor; Heather Eubank, junior class advisor; Emily Remaklus, sophomore class advisor; Kelly Pracht, 7th grade volleyball; Ryan Shindler, varsity football assistant; Matt Arellano, girls JV basketball; Joel Parrett, girls varsity basketball assistant; Jaci Carr, girls varsity basketball assistant; Paige Ordway, girls 8th grade basketball; Samantha Schmenk, girls 5th & 6th grade basketball; Emily Austin, JV softball; Matt Arellano, varsity softball assistant; and Joel Parrett, varsity softball assistant.

Two contracts from the previous school year were rescinded: Sam Rue, girls varsity soccer coach and Abbey Ash, 7th grade volleyball coach.

The board approved several trips for the 2018-2019 school year:

• Approved sending 10-15 FFA students and two staff members to the National FFA Convention this year and 25-30 students also accompanied by two staff members to the Ohio State FFA convention. The costs of these excursions will be covered by FFA alumni, students and fundraisers ? • Approved sending 20-25 students and two staff members to the Ohio Model United Nations Competition. The trip is to paid for by students and fundraisers.

Other Business:

• Approved slight renovations to the high school library.

• Thanked Dr. Kuhn for providing physicals to 95 student athletes.

• Approved the renewal of the district's property, fleet, and liability insurance .? • Approved handbooks for Oakwood and Paulding and all associated preschools for the 2018-2019 school year as well as the High School Athletic Handbooks.  ? • Purchased bread from Nickels Bakery and milk from Arps Dairy for the 2018-2019 school year .? • Approved nutritional guidelines set by the USDA for the upcoming school year .

• Approved the list of substitute teachers and the substitute classified list, pending records, and authorized the Superintendent to approve future additions for the school year, after all requirements are met.