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This was submitted by an anonymous source. The majority of the information written is by the author, there are parts that have been adjusted by staff to accompany the author. The author has written this piece as an attempt to reach out for help from the community.

Many of you will never forget the beautiful little girl who stole our hearts in 2011. Little Lilliana (Lilly) Rose Dearing who fought a short, yet powerful, ten week battle to overcome a deadly and rare D.I.P.G brain tumor. Sadly, little Lilly lost her battle April 2, 2011.

Lilly’s “Granny Mom”, Tammy Saul, kept the community updated, expressing her feelings, the family’s pain, and the many twists and turns along little Lilly’s difficult journey.

On Dec. 24, 2019, Christmas Eve, Tammy received the diagnosis that shattered her already broken life. She now discovered she had a battle of her own to fight. She was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, stage four - AGGRESSIVE!

Tammy was given one month to live without treatment. Her symptoms began in May 2019, having seen multiple doctors and having dozens of tests with no answers she was finally referred to an E.N.T. specialist in Wauseon. From there, it was to the pathologist for two biopsies on the enlarged lymph nodes on her neck. Finally, the shocking truth was revealed!

By now, Tammy had lost 30 pounds and could barely walk. She was unable to eat and was constantly out of breath. The tumors had invaded her entire body. They were pressing on her lungs and crowding the organs in her stomach.

She told family members she could feel herself slipping away each day. Tammy was dying!

It was January 20 when Tammy began her chemo treatments. During that first treatment Tammy suffered an adverse reaction that lead to a heart attack. She was transferred via squad to Toledo Hospital.

Many tests were performed during the next five days. Her heart had sustained damage due to a preexisting condition known as “broken heart syndrome.” Tammy’s chemo treatments were now delayed. Her heart needed time; time to heal, time Tammy didn’t have.

Tammy’s oncologist sent her to consult with a Lymphoma specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. Tammy restarted treatments in the hospital for five days every three weeks.

There is no cure for this type of cancer. There were different types of cancers detected in her bone marrow alone. Many people find remission; many do not.

Tammy is a 58 year old grandmother of nine (one is due to be born in July). We are praying that she is able to buy some time with her family and her beloved grandchildren. As of this day, she is feeling better than she has in a long time, but the future still remains uncertain.

The many added expenses during this time have been tough. She has received minimal assistance from the Lymphoma and Cancer Society in the amount of a few hundred dollars.

We now respectfully ask for any assistance our community might be able to provide during this stressful time. There is a bank account set up for donations at The First Federal Bank in Paulding. The account name is: To Benefit Tammy Saul #1322.

The family, as well as Tammy, wish to extend their gratitude and heartfelt thanks in advance.

May God bless you all.