LIMA – Ohio National Guard Major Gen. John Harris recently announced that he has directed July 2, as the end of all missions at all food banks across the state of Ohio.

National Guard troops have been working side by side with West Ohio Food Bank staff, partner agencies, and volunteers since March 25, 2020, all through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement from West Ohio Food Bank CEO Tommie Harner: “We have been so grateful to have the National Guard with us over the past year helping to assist our staff in getting food to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. As their time with us comes to an end, we want to share our deepest gratitude for everything they have done. They have become like family to us.”

With this mission by the National Guard coming to a close, the West Ohio Food Bank will now once again rely heavily on volunteers, whether it be youth groups, community organizations, those recently retired from the work force, or senior citizens looking to give back to their communities. Please contact the West Ohio Food Bank about a number of volunteer opportunities available.