PAULDING – Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op (PPEC) members now have the option to compare their home electrical usage to renewable energy by utilizing the MyMeter tool on PPEC’s website (

PPEC has been receiving many requests for information on solar and wind generation.

“This is one of the main reasons we’re making this a priority for our members,” said PPEC energy adviser Peter Niagu. “It’s very simple how it works. It takes your electrical usage per month, week, day or even hour and compares it to PPEC’s solar and wind units located next to their headquarters in Paulding.

“PPEC’s renewable system is comparable to an average member’s home and the MyMeter™ software allows members to see how much electricity was generated via wind or solar compared to their own electrical usage. Essentially, by looking at the data, you’ll be able tell if installing a wind or solar unit is the right fit for your family,” he continued.

“One of the cooperative principles is education; MyMeter™ is another example of your cooperative providing the membership with valuable information, not only about their service, but also about the use of renewable energy. It is not our role to tell members if renewable energy is right or wrong for them; instead, our role is to provide information so members can make good decisions about their energy future. This is a powerful education tool for all members to use,” said CEO/General manager George Carter.

MyMeter™ is a free service to PPEC Members and also has many other features. Using more electricity than expected? MyMeter™ helps take the mystery out of the electric bill and alerts members to when their energy use passes a pre-determined level. MyMeter™ also allows the tracking of daily energy use, to compare and set goals for reducing energy use.

Anyone who would like to learn more about renewable energy, should contact PPEC’s energy advisor Peter Niagu at 1-800-686-2357.

Also, in the near future, PPEC plans to hold renewable energy workshops. Watch for dates via social media, Country Living and Electric Consumer magazines, and local media.