Dear Editor,

On Saturday, Sept. 5 about 9:15, a young couple walking on Fox Ave. in Payne found a man in a medical emergency and called 911.

That call saved my brother's life and I would like to thank them.

But the main reason I am writing this letter is to remind people to be aware. By the time they found him he had been trying for many hours to get someone's attention by flashing lights, banging a pan whatever he could do to draw attention to get help.

He was finally able to drag himself partially out his door and this couple found him.

If you see something odd or something doesn't sound right, take a moment and check. If you haven't seen a neighbor for awhile check in on them.

For 25 years I read electric meters for AEP and on several occasions I checked on something I felt was odd or asked a neighbor or the police to check.

So to this couple I would like to say thank you for taking the time to notice and act and save my brother's life. We are both grateful.

Rhonda Bakle