PAULDING – Dr. Ron Black was the guest speaker at the Paulding Kiwanis Club this past week.

He was a guest of Paulding Putnam's George Carter. Dr. Black, a local chiropractor, shared his experiences of suffering multiple heart-attacks.

The message that Dr. Black wanted to bring to the Club members was, "Denial Kills". Black said that the human body is capable of telling us when something is wrong and the difference between life and death is to act on these symptoms immediately. Black also said that one out of three people will suffer either the symptoms of or a full out heart attack and that  it could be anyone doing anything at any time.

Pay attention to the warning signs, time is heart death so act fast. Black also suggested that getting a heredity test could help you to learn whether you have a history or are a greater risk of heart disease.

Dr Black left with a sharp message, when your body speaks to you, don't deny, or you may die. Instead listen and have a chance to live. The Kiwanis Club meets in the lower level of Branch Christian Fellowship every Thursday at noon. Learn more about Kiwanis at