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By Byron McNutt

DHI Media

Through years of war and peace, prosperity and depression, protest and unity, our nation's flag has prevailed as a symbol of freedom and independence to millions of Americans. Millions of proud Americans fly or display the flag in front of their homes every day.

This week, on Friday, June 14, America will again commemorate Flag Day just as it has each year since 1950. The first Flag Day was observed in 1916.

The U.S. Flag is unique in its universal recognition as a symbol of national independence, individual liberty, idealism and patriotism. It embodies our nation's proud history and symbolizes the hope we hold for the future.

Generations of patriots, both military and civilian, have given their lives to keep our flag flying over a free, strong and independent nation.It's only fitting that we set aside a day to honor the symbol that has been our rallying point and emblem for nearly as long as America has existed.

As Flag Day approaches this year, I encourage you to display your American Flag and to take a moment to remember all of the reasons why after more than 240 years of service, we still look to it as a symbol of one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.