Progress Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 6:30 p.m., the Citizens of Paulding for Recovery and Prevention (CPR) will be holding a public meeting at the Paulding County OSU Extension Building.

This group is a newly formed task force with the goal of dealing with the addiction issues facing our county. They want to work to prevent life controlling issues such as addiction, assist with recovery of those suffering from addiction and to help those innocently suffering consequences due to other’s addictions.

Dwight Stoller is the man with a plan who has put the wheels in motion for this group. Stoller was involved with a group in Indiana called Celebrate Recovery and witnessed individuals overcoming addictions and other major issues. After seeing addiction plague his family and others he was acquainted with, he knew our county needed help.

The group, comprised of local law enforcement, judges, faith community members, recovery addicts and media, has already met on two other occasions in August and September.

At the August meeting, a representative from the Office of Ohio Attorney General, Jennifer Lloyd, led the meeting and collected input from everyone on what they thought was the problem and what ideas they had to fix it.

Lloyd was able to share stories about dealing with addiction in people she loved. The meeting really opened the eyes of many people who attended.

The meeting held in September was also facilitated by Lloyd. Based on the information collected from the first meeting, she was able to present an idea to the group. Assisting her at the meeting was Police Chief Shawn Bear from Circleville.

He spoke to the group about a youth program that is run in his community, just south of Columbus. The youth program has helped to combat the addiction problems in their community and serve the underprivileged youth.

The meeting on Nov. 14 will feature Dr. Daniel Schreck. He is the founder and executive director of Living Free Recovery in Fort Wayne.

This organization works with over 100 people a week through small groups and individual appointments. They work with people battling addiction and other major issues.

Schreck will explain at the meeting how his group works and ideas for implementing similar programs in our area.

This is the first time a meeting of this group will be opened to the public. The whole community is invited to hear Dr. Schreck speak and really learn about the drug epidemic and addiction problem in our county.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the issues facing our county and ways we can work together to overcome them. Input from all walks of life are greatly appreciated.