Staff writer
Sarah Schuette graduated from Antwerp High School in 1993. In 1997 she graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. After graduating from OSU she returned to Antwerp and started working at Promedica.
She is the Director of Service Line Development, Cardiac and Total Rehab at Promedica, presently.
Schuette has been a resident of Antwerp for 30 years. In 2016 she was elected as President of the Antwerp Board of Education.
The first time she ran she was a write in on the ballot for president of Antwerp’s Board of Education. She felt compelled to run so that the children of Antwerp could have a voice.
Her motivation to serve on the board, especially for two consecutive terms, is ensuring that her children, as well as the children of Antwerp, receive excellent education.
The most important thing to her, aside form ensuring excellent education, is to always consider all perspectives during the decision making process.
Since getting elected as president she has found that the board members and community have been very supportive of her.
She carefully balances her career, her position on the board, motherhood, being a wife and member of her church. She gives a lot of credit in her ability to accomplish everything to her husband - “we make an excellent team.”
She is an integral part of Antwerp. She wants to ensure the education in her school district remains excellent and continues to achieve this goal.
She firmly believes that all women, of all ages, can achieve all of their goals. “If [you] have a goal in mind it is boundless what you can achieve.” She encourages all women to “shoot for the stars” - “challenge yourself; don’t take no for an answer.”
Schuette is a leading woman of Paulding County.