PAULDING – The Paulding County Relay for Life, an event created by the American Cancer Society, will be on August 13 from 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. this year.

This the honorary survivors are Jane Hill and Dale Adams.

Dale Adams was diagnosed with bladder cancer and lung cancer in 2016. In the same year he lost his beloved wife. Cancer nor becoming a widow slowed his momentum, though. He went through chemotherapy and immunotherapy in 2016. He went from being the sole care-taker of his wife to learning how to navigate life post-bladder surgery with a urostomy bag.

His daughter-in-law, Jill Adams, proudly stated that he, “is a busy cancer survivor.” As he spends his days on the golf course with his friends.

Dale shared that he would not have fought cancer if it wasn’t for his Jill. Her encouraging words and motivating attitude are the reason he chose to fight. “Jill talked me into fighting; I’m glad I did - she gave me five more years.”

She and her husband reminded him of what else there was to fight for - his grandchildren. At the time there were only two grandsons, but two years ago Dale welcomed a sweet granddaughter into the family.

His battle with cancer was never simple or easy and it started out immediately with an allergic reaction to the chemotherapy. He stated that he spoke with his doctor and was advised to take Benadryl to treat the rash. It worked and the rash quickly went away. Learning to live with and care for a urostomy bag presented its own challenges as well, but with the help of his doctors he was able to get a bag that would allow him to continue to play golf. When he was initially diagnosed he admitted he didn’t think he would make it to 80 years old - but, here he is celebrating life.

He also shared that he has a special relationship with a friend, Ginger. They dated once upon a time in high school, but through social media they reconnected and each day they talk and travel back and forth for visits.

He recommends to anyone going through their journey with cancer, whether its receiving a diagnosis or in the midst of treatment to, “listen to your doctor, ask for prayers, fight it - stay and fight.”

Jane Hill was also diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is in remission, as well.

Prior to being diagnosed with cancer she was a secretary at Paulding High School and was a volunteer for many years at the Relay for Life.

She travels down to Columbus every three months to visit her oncologist for a routine follow up appointment. Each time she visits the doctor she stays with her son. With each passing visit she is more and more grateful to be a survivor.

She shared that her battle with cancer wasn’t easy and had incredibly challenging moments, but that all of the challenging moments were worth it. She is enjoying life again.

She shared that it is incredibly important for women to listen to their bodies. “Everyone needs to pay attention to any body changes they might have,” Hill stated.

She added that if she hadn’t listened to her body she would have never went to the emergency room, which was the first step in the doctors detecting cancer.

She ended the interview by saying, “Thank you for my friends and family for support. The Relay for Life is a big thing in Paulding County.”

At the event Friday night there will be food, vendors, bounce houses, raffles and a silent auction. The entire community is welcome to attend the event. The opening ceremony will be a 6 p.m. with a survivor lap. At 9 p.m. there will be an illuminary ceremony with a performance by a soloist - it will be a time to reflect on those that lost their battle to cancer. The event is held at the Paulding County Fair Grounds.

Please contact Jilene McMichael at 419-769-5504 with any questions about the event.