• The Paulding Progress advertising department is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

    To advertise in The Paulding Progress,  you can contact the Paulding Progress directly by phone at either (419) 399-4015 or email Michele Vergote,  mvergote@progressnewspaper.org.

    Paulding Progress Rate Card -  PDF VERSION OF RATE CARD



    Monday's Weekly Reminder: 1:00 pm on the preceding Thursday
    Wednesday's Paulding Progress: 1:00 pm on the preceding Monday


    Emailed ads

    Ads may be sent as an attachment via email. Preferred format is Acrobat PDF, also accepted in tiff and jpeg

    Ship Inserts to:

         Eagle Print

         c/o Paulding Progress

         111 E. Fourth St

    Delphos, OH 45833

          *Inserts must arrive 7 days prior to insertion dates.


    Mechanical Measurements

    ROP Pages (6 columns) Classified Pages (8 columns)
    1 Column: 1.68" 1 Column: 1.236"
    2 Columns:


    2 Columns: 2.583"
    3 Columns: 5.27" 3 Columns: 3.93"
    4 Columns: 7.07" 4 Columns: 5.277"
    5 Columns: 8.87" 5 Columns: 6.624"
    6 Columns: 10.67" 6 Columns: 7.971"
    Gutter: .111" 7 Columns: 9.318"
    Full Page:

    10.67 x 21.25

    8 Columns: 10.67"

    Gutter: .111"

    Full Page: 10.67" x 21.25"


    Terms of Payments, Regulations, Etc.

    It is a condition of contracts that when the advertiser fails to furnish copy as the for of the contract specifies, the Publisher shall charge the minimum space specified in said contract.

    The Publisher reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising copy.

    The Publisher may refuse to accept copy not furnished before established deadline, and should the Publisher at its discretion accept such late copy, no proof will be submitted to advertiser before publication, nor will the Publisher accept liability for errors therein.

    The Publisher assumes no responsibility for typographical errors when proof has been submitted in advance of publication to advertisers, his agent or representative, and in no case for more than the cost of that part or parts of advertising error.

    The Publisher does not guarantee any position but gives preference to weekly advertisers.

    A composition charge of $1.50 per column inch will be made on any or all copy which has been set in type with proof furnished to the advertiser, but at the advertiser’s election is not published. The same charge will be made of any changes ordered by the advertisers, in excess of five inches from the original copy by the Publisher.

    Contracts are not available for advertisement of transient amusements.

    Cash in advance is required for all political advertising and for all advertising of close-out or similar sales.

    Advertising layouts prepared by The Paulding County Progress may not be reproduced without permission of The Paulding County Progress.

    Our credit policy provides that any remaining balance on a monthly statement received from us, which is unpaid at the end of 30 days be subject to a financing charge at the rate of 2% per month. To avoid a financing charge, any month end statement balance must be completely paid or credited within 30 days.

    No security interest is or will be retained or acquired under this account.


    The Publisher reserves the right to revise at any time upon 30 days notice, and all contracts are accepted to this condition.


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