Staff Writer

United Way of Paulding County is comprised of a Board of Directors, sub-committees, an executive director and staff. Each year it is inundated with requests for grants from organizations in Paulding County.

This year United Way received requests totaling $49,500. Only $20,000 was granted to fulfill the requests, however.

The amount United Way is able to grant is entirely dependent upon the amount of donations received throughout the year. These donations are received from local businesses and private donations.

This year eight local organizations received grant money. Within the organizations a total of 11 programs received support through the grants.

The sub-committee, the allocation committee is responsible for the decision making process for awarding the grants. It is comprised of three or four board members and three or four citizens of Paulding County.

The executive director is the liaison between organizations requesting grants and the committee.

The organizations requesting grant money are required to fill out a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding, similar to an application. The organizations must agree to an audit in order to be accepted for the grant application process.

Each organization also presents in front of the allocation committee, giving the committee insight to its purpose and citizens it serves.

The allocation committee is challenged with making a decision of how to distribute the grant money.

The criteria an organization must meet are: the progam(s) has to fall under one of the categories: health, education or financial stability, they also have to show that the money granted will help Paulding County residents, show how many residents have been helped in the previous year, and how many residents are estimated to receive help in the current year.

The grants are dispersed twice a year. The first allotment is dispersed at the beginning of United Way’s fiscal year, in September. The second allotment is dispersed in January.

For the duration of the year each organization and its programs will have featured articles describing their purpose, people served and other pertinent information.