August 29, 2014

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What do I do with all these leaves
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 3:51 PM

After adorning our landscape with jeweled tones of gold, red and orange, our maple trees have pretty much given up their leaves for the year. It’s like wearing all those colors is one last hurrah, going down in a blaze of glory. And now comes the raking.

We have oak trees too – big ones, with lots of leaves – and we’d be swimming in a sea of leaves by Thanksgiving if we didn’t do something with them. Some people look at leaves as a nuisance. I see them as organic food for the lawn and the gardens. But there is a little bit of work involved to make the best use of them in this way.

If you’ve ever walked through the woods and stopped to dig around in the soil there, you know it only vaguely resembles that hard, sticky clay most of us have around our homes and in our gardens. That’s because over years of the trees losing their leaves and them decomposing, they add to the enrichment and enhance the texture of the soil. Most of us are on a little shorter timetable than the woods though, so we may need to give Mother Nature a helping hand when it comes to our own immediate environment.